Freedom Chairs is dedicated to providing mobility for anyone in need. We take donated electric wheelchairs, fix them, and give them to people in need. Our services are provided free of charge, no strings attached. Freedom Chairs is able to do this through the hard work of Plainfield High School students who dedicate their skills and time to help others.

Freedom Chairs Incorporated in June 2011. In this relatively short period of time, we have managed to give more than seventy people the gift of mobility. We are supported through the generous donations of private individuals who are inspired by our mission and our dedication to help those who have no other options.

Many people believe our impressive track record indicates corporate sponsorship or large grants. This is not the case; we provide expensive equipment to individuals and accept no compensation for it. Many people do not understand the amount of resources that go into a single chair. Our workers go above and beyond by using our resources efficiently and effectively.

Freedom Chairs is excited about our potential to change the world.  if you are inspired by our mission, please take a moment to support our cause. You can rest assured knowing that 100% of your contribution will directly impact the lives of those who have run out of options. No one at Freedom Chairs receives any monetary compensation for their work. The student volunteers get satisfaction every time they see smiles on the faces of those they have helped.

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