What is Freedom Chairs?

Freedom Chairs is a 501(c)-3 charity that takes in electric wheelchairs, fixes them, and gives them to anyone in need. It is ran by students and generous wheelchair and monetary donations. We have given away over 90 wheelchairs to date. Our mission is to provide the freedoms of mobility to anyone in need.

How did Freedom Chairs begin?

Freedom Chairs Incorporated in June 2011. It all started when Tim Balz, the founder, saw a student struggling in a manual wheelchair. Tim took it upon himself to get this student a wheelchair through any means necessary. We then realized that this was not an isolated case; people are in need of electric wheelchairs everywhere after being denied.

How can you help?

Freedom Chairs is excited about our potential to change the world.  if you are inspired by our mission, please take a moment to support our cause. You can rest assured knowing that 100% of your contribution will directly impact the lives of those who have run out of options. No one at Freedom Chairs receives any monetary compensation for their work.

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