Our Story


Freedom Chairs began when Tim Balz, President and Founder, was a sophomore in high school. In school, he noticed a student laboring in a manual wheelchair. Wondering why the student did not have an electric wheelchair, Tim searched for a solution. Tim traded his moped scooter for a broken electric wheelchair, fixed it up, and gave it to the student. This was the start of Freedom Chairs.

Now a student at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Tim continues to run Freedom Chairs with the help of fellow students. Freedom Chairs has given away over 130 electric wheelchairs to date, various pieces of medical equipment, and more. Freedom Chairs has never denied a person in need, and our mission is to provide the freedoms of mobility to anyone in need. We have given away wheelchairs all over Indiana, in other states, and even internationally.

Freedom Chairs and Tim have been recognized by The Indianapolis Children Museum, 5 Hour Energy, the American Red Cross, and more. We are only able to operate off of the generous donations of our supporters through monetary donations and donations of wheelchairs and equipment.